2 Basketball Workouts for just $1!

You can try two workouts with NBA Skill Trainers Tyler Relph and Damin Altizer for just $1. Try it Today! If you are ready for it purchase the full program here.

2018/07/31 20:33:00

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Improve your basketball skills

You can go on the internet and find tons of free and paid workouts. But what drills and workouts are good for you and your skill level? Do you get proper instruction and guidance? NBA basketball skill trainers Tyler Relph and Damin Altizer are two of a few skill trainers that can answer those questions for you. They provide unqiue, authentic and innovative workouts to help players improve their game and provide coaches with tools to enhance their skill development curriculum

To learn more about Tyler Relph & Damin Altizer or the Elite Guard Workout Vol.1, please continue reading.

Meet The Elite Basketball Skill Trainers

"Damin Altizer and Tyler Relph"

Tyler Relph and Damin Altizer are experienced and proven NBA and NCAA basketball skill development trainers. Both Tyler and Damin are former D1 player with Tyler who have partnered to create the world’s newest high level skill development training organization. Having trained over 10,000 athletes, their training has worked with players of all ages around the globe including Amare Stoudemire, Phil Pressey, Victor Oladipo, Marcus Smart, Phil Forte, Ridge Shipley, Julius Randle, Alexis Jones, Justin Anderson, Andrew Rowsey, Bruno Caboclo, and Tiffany Suarez. Now, having joined forces, they’re excited to bring you the newest, most complete skill development training organization in the world.

Order 2 Elite Guard Vol.1 Workouts for just $1!

What do you get:

  • 2  Amazing  Workouts
  • Extensive Drills
  • 4 Workout PDF’s
  • Interact with Tyler & Damin
  • Special discount on the full program

Today's Price : $1

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About our two basketball workouts for $1?

We had so many coaches and players interested. We decided to launch two introductory workouts for just $1

  1. 2 Amazing Workouts
  2. Extensive Drills
  3. 4 Workout PDF’s
  4. Interact with Tyler & Damin
  5. Special discount on the full program

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the workout! Check out the $1 dollar workout page.

What does the full Elite Guard Vol.1 workout look like?

We descided to join our forces into Takeover Basketball Training. One of our objectives was to provide a quality online basketball training product. We created Elite Guard Workout Vol.1

  • Elite development by 2 NBA Skills Trainers
  • 12 Unique Workouts; 4 periodized phases
  • 90 Day Training Schedule and Regiment
  • Never Before Trained Concepts and Principle
  • Complete Elite Guard Vol. 1 Curriculum
  • Workout Calendar and Printable Diagrams

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About Elite Guard vol.1 full program

Elite Guard Volume 1: The Program includes 12 unique workouts, over 80 drills organized into four periodized phases and much more.  Elite Guard Vol.1 is good for every one that wants to improve their perimeter basketball skills.

Tyler Relph and Damin Altizer are experienced and proven NBA and NCAA basketball skill development trainers. They have trained over 10,000 athletes, their training has worked with players of all ages around the globe.

Both Damin Altizer and Tyler Relph are lead trainers and architects behind some of the best sold online programs on the web. The Elite Guard Vol.1 is their first official product.

Do I need a partner to do the workouts?

You can do most of the drills by yourself. But we recommend to join forces like us. A partner can push you just that little bit extra.

In most cases that may just be the extra edge you are looking for to make a difference on the court.

I'm a coach, can I use the workouts with my players?

Yes, you can use the workouts with your players. The program can also be used by coaches to train their players (Please contact us for special group discounts for your team).

If you have questions or if  you need some help please let us know.

I'm interested in personal or team training: How can I reach you?

Interested in hiring Tyler Relph and Damin Altizer as a skill trainer, please contact us!

Do you have an lucrative affiliate (Partner) program?

Yes, we believe we have a lucrative partner program. For each referral you’ll earn 20% commissions… LIFETIME commissions. This means that for every person that you refer to Train to Takeover that becomes a user or customer, you will earn commissions for their transactions for as long as they remain an active and paying customer.

Please apply on our Affiliate partner page or send us an email at [email protected]

Announcement: Brand chance Train to Takeover to Dr1ven Training!

We are happy to announce that the Train to Takeover brand will be re-branded into Dr1ven Training. Currently we make preparations for the transition. Both customers and visitors of this website will be informed.

DR1VEN Training provides players globally with the highest level of game specific skill development by providing a vision and path for players to enhance their game. On www.traintotakeover.com (soon also available basketball.dr1ventraining.com) we present the official ELITE GUARD VOL 1. online basketball training program.

For questions contact us or send us an email at [email protected]